Consignment Policy and Common Questions

Hey there sweet peas! Let's answer some common consignment questions you may have! 

What can I bring?

The maximum amount of clothing items you can bring to one consignment appointment is 30 pieces; clothing sets count as one item. Please make sure all clothing items are washed, free of stains, and with minimal pilling. In addition to your 30 clothing items, you may also bring shoes and toys. Please make sure that shoes have been washed or wiped down, and that any electronic toys have working batteries. 

If you have bigger items you'd like to consign during your appointment such as swings, strollers, high chairs etc... please send a text to our phone (707-794-1215) with a picture of the item, your first and last name, and the day of your consignment appointment. Larger items are accepted on a case by case basis. 

How do I consign with Sweet Pea?

We open our calendar on the last wednesday of each month to book consignment appointments for the following month. Call or visit the store at 707-794-1215, during business hours on the last Wednesday of the month to book an appointment. Appointments are limited, and do go quickly, so we recommend calling early in the day. 

If I have more than 30 clothing items can I book a second appointment?

Due to the limited number of consignment appointments and the incredible interest, we allow one consignment appointment every *other* month. Thank you for understanding and for letting more local families participate in consignment!

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

We understand life happens! If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment and would like to *reschedule* please give us a call at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time via text, call, or email. 

How long is an appointment?

Consignment appointments take between 20 and 30 minutes, during which you are welcome to walk around the store and shop. When we are done going through your items we will issue you a carbon copy (old school!) receipt listing the items we accepted and when they will expire.

How long is a consignment period and what is the consignor split?

Your consignment period is three months long, not including the month we took in your items. (If your appointment is in September, for example, your items would expire at the end of December). Consignors receive 35% of items which sell during their consignment period.

What happens to my unsold items? 

We strongly encourage everyone at the end of their consignment period to please consider choosing the “donate” option for items that did not sell. Pulling every consignor’s unsold items each month would dramatically limit the number of appointments we are able to take. Please know that we donate only to local organizations that pass your items on to families and children in need directly in our community.  

Thank you for your endless support from our customers and community. This is a true labor of love, and we couldn’t do this without you. Please follow our social media platforms ( facebook and instagram ) to stay up to date on the exciting happenings and DAILY new inventory at Sweet Pea Cotati!